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WT019309-1 87K Bleed Down Valve Assembly
  • WT019309-1 87K Bleed Down Valve Assembly
  • WT019309-1 87K Bleed Down Valve Assembly

WT019309-1 87K Bleed Down Valve Assembly

Product Parameters

Part Number: WT019309-1

Description: 87K Bleed Down Valve Assembly

WT019309-1 87K Bleed Down Valve Assembly

How to get our excellent waterjet parts ?

Accurate waterjet parts drawings and the same material as the original factory Precision equipment processingintelligent Machine inspection manual spot-check Pack waterjet parts using machineLabel and put the parts into warehouse Order preparation order products inspection and verification Choose the right transport package ( carton box or wooden box ) Choose the best express ( TNT , FedEx ,DHL , UPS , SF ect ) Received the excellent waterjet parts


What we can offer : 

1. Waterjet Cutting Machine ( Support customized )

2. 40000psi , 60000psi and 94000psi Waterjet Pump ( single intensifier Pump , Redundant intensifier pump , double intensifier pump , four Intensifier pump, direct drive intensifier pump)

3. Waterjet Parts

1) Waterjet Cutting Head Parts ( 60000psi and 94000psi )

2) Nozzle and Orifice

3) Waterjet Intensifier Pump Parts ( 40000psi , 60000psi and 94000psi )

4) Waterjet Direct Drive Pump Parts

5) Waterjet Fitting and Swivel

6) Waterjet Cleaning Parts



1. Professional pre-sales consultation-professional and experienced technical team as support

2. high cost performance ----- long service life, factory direct sales

3. Fast delivery --- delivery within 1-2 days after received the payment

4. 16 hours a day online after-sales---once any problems occur, they will be resolved in time, please rest assured to buy


Waterjet Cutting Machine Application :

1. Applications in the field of metal cutting

(1) Cutting and processing of stainless steel and other metals in decoration and decoration

(2) Manufacturing of outer casings of machinery and equipment (such as machine tools, food machinery, medical machinery, electrical control cabinets, etc.)

(3) Cutting of metal parts (such as semi-finish machining of stainless steel flanges, steel structure parts, non-ferrous metals, special metals Materials, etc.)


2. Applications in the field of glass cutting

(1) Home appliance glass cutting (gas stove top, range hood, disinfection cabinet, etc., TV)

(2) Lamps

(3) Bathroom products (shower room, etc.)

(4) Building decoration, craft glass

(5) Automobile glass, etc.


3. Application in the processing of ceramics, stone and other building materials

This field is mainly used for art puzzles, ceramics, stone art puzzles products


4. One-time forming and cutting of special materials such as composite materials and bulletproof materials


5.  Clean water cutting of soft materials

(1) Robotic space cutting of automotive interior parts

(2) Foam sponge, paper, etc.


Cutting of low melting point and flammable and explosive materials (such as explosives, shells, etc.)

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