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What Are The Structural Components And Cutting Advantages Of a Waterjet Cutting Machine?

Oct. 25, 2021

Waterjet Cutting Machine

A waterjet cutting machine is a cutting machine that uses ultra-high pressure water jets for cold cutting, mainly composed of a high-pressure pump, CNC machining platform, jet cutting head, sand supply system, and cooling system.

The set of CNC waterjet cutting machines consists of three major components

1. CNC machining platform

CNC waterjet is mainly used to cut flat plates. The cutting platform selects rolling linear guide and ball screw as transmission, and precisely moves x-axis and y-axis separately or linkage of two axes under the precise control of CNC program and control motor, which drives the cutting head to realize linear and arbitrary curve cutting.

2. Ultra-high pressure water jet generator (high-pressure pump)

As the power source of the waterjet, common is the hydraulic motor-driven booster to generate ultra-high pressure water jet technology solutions. The pressure of ordinary tap water is raised to tens to hundreds of MPa ( 1MPa is equal to about 10bar ) and shot out through the beam slurping nozzle with extremely high kinetic energy.

3. Jet cutting head

The high-pressure pump can perform the cutting function only through the beam flow nozzle. The size of the nozzle aperture determines the pressure level and flow rate. At the same time, the nozzle also has the effect of energy gathering. The jet cutting head has two basic forms: - one is to complete the pure water cutting, one is to complete the abrasive-containing cutting. The cutting head with abrasive cutting is composed of a pure water cutting head with an abrasive mixing chamber and a rigid nozzle.


Waterjet cutting machine cutting advantages

1. Waterjet is cold cutting, cutting without thermal effects, no deformation, no hanging slag, no ablation, which will not change the physical and chemical properties of the material.

2. High versatility, almost all materials can be cut.

3. After cutting, the cutting surface is neat and smooth, and there will not be any damage to the object to be cut during the cutting process, which can play a cutting operation that many cutting tools cannot achieve.

4. The cutting medium is only water and natural abrasive, no other substances are produced during the cutting process, which is a clean and environmentally friendly cutting process.

5. Small cutting slits, coupled with the characteristics of cooling cutting, can improve material utilization.


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