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What Is The Difference Between Abrasive And Pure Waterjet Cutting?

Apr. 30, 2021

What Is The Difference Between Abrasive And Pure Waterjet Cutting?

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Abrasive waterjet cutting is an abrasive particle (e.g., garnet) that was added to the high-pressure water for cutting hard materials. Adding abrasive particles to the waterjet cutting machine nozzle water. In this operation, the abrasive particles are actually doing the work of cutting material. The role of water is to accelerate the abrasive particles up to a speed suitable for cutting and to direct the particles to the chosen cutting point.

Improve cutting efficiency by increasing the water pressure, so that the water particles and accelerated to a higher speed, or by increasing the velocity of the water and the particles, thereby increasing the impact of the particulate material. Abrasive water jet cutting is ideal for thicker or stiffer material, such as metal, stone, or thick plastic.

Water jet cutting is a term used to describe the abrasive particles without the addition of the water jet cutting process. In this case, the water itself is pressure and velocity to penetrate the material. Pure waterjet cutting is preferably a soft material, such as textile, rubber, or metal foil. One key application for pure water cutting is in the processing of food. The use of pure water without abrasive additives to meet strict industry hygiene regulations in food processing.

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