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Direct Drive Pump VS Intensifier Pump-Which Is Your Best Choice?

Nov. 22, 2021

There are two main categories in which water jet pumps fit: direct drive pumps and intensifier pumps. How do I know which one is for me? 


Direct drive pump


Direct Drive Pump

Direct drive pumps are mounted directly on the motor or engine, have few moving parts, and are the most cost-effective option. Due to the simplicity of direct drive pumps the design is more compact which is useful when used in tight areas.


However, the bearings and other components on a direct drive pump wear out faster than those on a belt drive pump. This is due to the fact that a direct drive pump spins at a higher RPM (revolutions per minute) speed compared to a belt drive pump. Because of The way that the pump is directly and the motor is interconnected to the motor/engine, the pump RPM and motor/engine RPM are always the same in a direct drive pump.


In addition, direct drive pumps can’t do not draw water effectively from a standing water source. Instead, water has to be driven into the pump with a hose.


Intensifier Pump

Intensifier Pump

Intensifier water jet pumps, use hydraulic systems to create high-pressure water streams for cutting. Intensifier pumps have several advantages over direct drive machines that often make them a better fit for larger industrial applications.


First, intensifier pumps are longevity and time between maintenance. Due to the way that intensifier pumps use hydraulics to create pressure, there is less wear and tear on the various seals inside the pump system. This results in longer intervals between required maintenance and thus fewer costs on upkeep.  Additionally, the seal replacement is less complicated and can easily be performed by a trained operator or maintenance technician.


Another advantage intensifier pumps have over their direct drive counterparts is operate at a higher pressure and have the ability to drive more than one cutting system from a single pump – a huge advantage in larger industrial applications where more than one machine is being used. This greatly reduces upfront capital costs, reduces the footprint of the cutting system, increases the efficiency of your operation, and cuts down on the costs of running two cutters.


The final significant advantage is their ability to maintain a steady, constant pressure no matter what is going on in the various systems they are powering. For example, if a single higher horsepower pump is being used to drive two different cutters at the same time and one machine is shut off, the pressure on the other system will not fluctuate. This works in the reverse as well. In the same scenario, if only one cutter is being operated, and then the other is turned on, there will not be any reduction in pressure to the working cutter despite running off the same pump. Hydraulic systems provide extremely stable pressure – something that is often paramount in large industrial applications.


The final words

Direct drive pumps and intensifier pumps each have their own advantages, and the choice of which one you choose to work with depends on the application. We offer high-quality waterjet direct drive pumps and intensifier pumps, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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