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How To Choose The Right Waterjet Cutting Machine

Jul. 15, 2021

How To Choose The Right Waterjet Cutting Machine

A water jet cutting machine can have many benefits for a mechanical workshop, including the ability to cut almost any kind of material, you can get access to extraordinary precision. However, there are many different types of water jet cutting machines on the market, so finding a machine shop that suits you may be difficult.

How do you find the best water jet cutting machine for your machinery shop? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right water jet cutting machine for your workshop:

1) Consider the material you want to cut

In order to cut harder materials, the water jet cutting machine needs to add gravel material to the water stream. Therefore, if you often cut harder materials, such as mild steel, aluminum, or some stone, you will want to choose a model of waterjet that has a sufficient grit tank for easy loading, unloading, and maintenance.

On the other hand, if you mainly cut softer materials, such as wood or thinner plastics, then you may only need clean water. In this case, the capacity and efficiency of the grit tank are not so important. Similarly, you can also use a machine with lower pressure than cutting steel.

2) How complex cutting does the water jet cutting machine need to do?

Generally, speaking, how "complex" the cutting work you need to complete with a water jet cutting machine? If your machining shop specializes in highly complex cutting work of custom parts, then you may need a water jet cutting machine with a "fifth axis".

When you need it, this additional control axis will help you make more complex cuts at specific angles. The fifth-axis machine tool is also good at taper compensation and welding preparation.

If this kind of complicated cutting is not typical for your machine shop, then it may be better to find a water jet cutting machine, an expert who only does basic cutting and stores out complex cutting jobs. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of extra money on a machine that can only do a little extra work occasionally.

water jet machine

water jet machine

3) When purchasing, please check the water jet cutting machine carefully

Of course, when you buy a second-hand water jet cutting machine, it is important to check carefully so that you know what you are buying. Please check the following during the inspection:

The intensifier. The water jet cutting machine has an electric pump to generate the strong pressure required to cut hard materials. Check to make sure that the pump's seal is in good condition and there is no leakage.

Nozzle. Is the nozzle of the sprinkler intact (no cracks, rust, or dents)? A damaged nozzle is relatively easy to replace, but it is important to know if it is damaged before you start trying to use the machine.

Electrical cabinets. Are the wires neat and orderly, or is the electrical cabinet a messy, random patch that takes a long time to sort out?

Maintain documentation. A well-maintained machine should have a long history of repairs, telling you what problems the previous operators encountered and how they solved them. If the seller cannot provide maintenance documents for the machine, this may be a red flag.

Control System. What kind of control system does this machine use? Is the interface fully functional, or is it a lack of control/function? A damaged controller will seriously damage the function of the machine.

If possible, be sure to take a look at the demo of this machine running. Asking the seller to perform a trial run of the water jet cutting machine can help reveal some problems that may not be visible from browsing the maintenance history or performing a rough inspection of the condition of the machine.

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