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How To Maintain The Water Cutting Machine In Winter?

Sep. 09, 2021

Water Cutting Machine

Water cutting machine because of its wide range of use is nowadays commonly used cutting machinery. As the water cutting machine is also a kind of machinery, it is natural to maintain it, especially the cold winter. Now to understand the water cutting machine winter maintenance measures it!

Maintenance Precautions

1. Warmth measures. Because the water cutting machine is water for the knife, the most taboo winter icing, so for the winter in areas prone to icing is recommended to take the following insulation measures.

a. Every day after use the pump will be turned off and open the oil pump, the water cutting machine parts of the water drainage.

b. Put the water pump of the water cutting machine in a 'cotton jacket'.

c. Remove the cutting head after use every day and store it in thermal insulation.

d. daily cold start on the water cutting machine to "bake" the machine until the end of the high-pressure tube water droplets.

2. Prepare a safety stock of parts to avoid lack of parts replacement.

3. Protect all parts surfaces from damage, such as scratches must be ground.

Water Cutting Machine

4. Because the water cutting machine is powered by the oil pump, and the oil pump on the hydraulic oil viscosity requirements are more stringent, but because of the differences in regional weather, so the maintenance measures for the oil pump are as follows.

a. cold areas in the winter to replace the use of 46 # anti-wear oil.

b. When the machine is turned on, it must be operated at low pressure for a few minutes and then operated after the sound of the oil pump is normal.

5. Before installation to use industrial alcohol to clean the surface of the water cutting machine maintenance work is done well, the relationship between the water cutting machine in the future work efficiency problems, always keep the water cutting machine clean and tidy, help improve the efficiency of the water cutting machine.

6. Proper management, the use of the right tools water cutting machine maintenance focus.

7. Carefully handle the water seal contact surface, if there is a leak or damage immediately replaced.


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