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How does water jet cutting machine work?

Aug. 20, 2021

water jet cutting machine work

a waterjet cutting machine

Do you know the working principle of a waterjet cutting machine? It mainly uses high-pressure water jet cutting technology.

What is the water jet?

Water jet, which uses water like a knife, is the abbreviation of high-pressure water jet cutting technology. Any material can be cut at one time with any curve. The heat generated during cutting is immediately taken away by the water jet, and no harmful substances are produced. No need for easy secondary processing after cutting. It has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, faster-cutting speed, and higher efficiency.


Working principle of water jet cutting machine

Water cutting is also called water jet cutting. High-pressure water jet cutting is a special processing method. It uses a supercharger to pressurize the water to a pressure of 10MPa to 400MPa or even higher. The water obtains pressure energy and then is sprayed out from a small nozzle to convert the pressure energy into kinetic energy, thereby forming a high-speed jet. Cutting is to use the kinetic energy of this high-speed jet to impact and destroy the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cutting and forming.



The composition of water jet processing equipment includes an ultra-high pressure pump, water jet cutting device, water jet x-y movable plane cutting table, CNC controller and CAD/CAM software package, etc.

The ordinary water passes through an ultra-high pressure pump to pressurize the water to 400MPa. In order to obtain a stable high-pressure water jet, the generated high-pressure water needs to enter an accumulator to stabilize the pressure. Then through a very small nozzle (that is, the water jet cutting head device, the diameter of which is about 0.1-0.4mm), a water arrow with a speed of nearly one kilometer per second (about 3 times the speed of sound) is produced. This water arrow is like A cutting sword, cutting the workpiece to be processed.

The latter two accurately control the cutting position, arc and angle, ensuring the accuracy of water jet cutting.



1. It is the only method for the complex processing of some composite materials and fragile porcelain materials.

2. Environmental protection, no pollution, no toxic gas, and dust.

3. Low production cost.

4. Drilling, cutting, and forming can be completed at one time.

5. It can process a variety of high hardness materials, such as glass, ceramics, stainless steel, etc.

6. It can process relatively soft materials, such as leather, rubber, paper diapers, etc.

7. High degree of automation.

8. The cut is smooth, has no slag, and has no need for secondary processing.


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