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What Exactly Goes Into The Maintenance Of a Water Jet Machine?

Jul. 30, 2021

What Exactly Goes Into The Maintenance Of a Water Jet Machine?

End-users of abrasive water jet machines often underestimate the maintenance requirements of new machines. In most cases, unexpected maintenance downtime can easily turn into a major setback that leads to a longer return on investment.

In order to maintain profitability, the most important thing for the owner of a manufacturing company is to know how to calculate maintenance costs. These may include abrasive feeding devices, high-pressure supply pipes, cutting heads, pneumatic pipes, and of course the pump itself.

Check the water quality

If manufacturers care about the quality of water they are using on their waterjets in their shops if they are concerned about water quality at their homes. When it comes to managing consumer product prices, this aspect may be considered to have the most significant impact. Industry experts say that the use of hard water may cut the average duration of consumable items by half.

The best practice for any manufacturer is to monitor or pay close attention to the incoming water before deciding to purchase a unit of water jet machine. If the water jet is to be used under normal conditions, the water quality must meet the manufacturer's requirements.

Water Jet Machines

Water Jet Machines

Check the mixing chamber

The abrasive particles are sucked into the water jet machine in the mixing chamber. They are accelerated to 2.5 times the speed of sound speed.

Even under normal daily use, the mixing chamber is still susceptible to usual wear and tear after about 500 hours. Installation is simple and quick, estimated to take around 5 to 10 minutes only.

If the mixing chamber and water nozzle are not aligned, the mixing chamber may need to be replaced suddenly. In this way, the water jet stream will cut into the mixing chamber.

If the abrasive is not properly sieved, it may also become clogged in the mixing chamber.

Check the connections, manual valve, and final filter

If you want to obtain the exact number of elbows, T-pieces, hand valves, and other connectors of the water jet system, the manufacturer must trace the trace of the water from the pump to the cutting head. The service life of this type of product is usually 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

Before the water gets to the cutting head, the final filtration process will extract any debris in the water. The filter can be simply cleaned, or it may already need to be replaced, depending on the design it came in.

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