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What are the Precautions for High-Pressure Water Jet Abrasives for Water Cutting Machines?

Mar. 31, 2021

As a Waterjet Parts Suppliers, share with you.

The high-pressure water jet is divided into two channels before the abrasive tank. One way passes through the conditioning valve and enters the abrasive tank. It is initially mixed with the abrasive in the tank and becomes fluidized and then enters the mixing chamber through the shut-off valve; the high-pressure water jet cutting machine manufacturer says that the other way is The abrasive fluid that directly enters the mixing chamber and flows out of the tank stops adequately blending, forming a liquid-solid two-phase flow. In this way, the mixing effect of the abrasive and the water medium is enhanced, so that the abrasive particles are sufficiently accelerated in the water medium, so the abrasive particles have extremely high kinetic energy.

Watertech Waterjet Machine

Watertech Waterjet Machine

But the calculation of the cost of using these accessories is also based on the actual situation. For example, our company's customers report that the use time of waterjet cutting gemstones varies, sometimes the use time is very long, and some time is very short. The fastest cutting is damaged in 3 hours, and some waterjets need to be replaced after 30 hours. Based on our experience, it may be related to the following points.

1. It can easily cut stainless steel plates or hard marble, granite, etc. It is very ideal or unique processing method for materials that are difficult to cut due to other methods, such as aramid, titanium alloy and other composite materials;

2. There will be no cracks when cutting, and it can cut materials with very narrow gaps. Generally speaking, the cut of pure water cutting is about 0.1mm to 1.1mm, and the cut of sand cutting is about 0.8mm to 1.8mm. As the diameter of the inner hole of the sand nozzle expands, the incision becomes larger;

3. It can be cut in all directions, including various shapes, angles or slopes;

4. There is no need to stop secondary processing such as edging, and it can also reduce fly dust during the cutting process and improve the working environment.

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