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Uses And Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

Jun. 23, 2021

Uses And Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a unique processing method, which has many applications in various industries. Just like traditional machines, the waterjet cutter cuts and shapes the material in the manufacturing process. It is a versatile and flexible tool with many unique advantages. Here is a look at the important role of waterjet cutting in general processing.

How does waterjet cutting work?

Unlike the blades of traditional cutting machines, water jet cutting machines use water to cut materials. The pressure of the water is very high, and the resulting jet can create a clean-cut for the forming of the material. Pure water cutting can cut soft materials such as rubber. If abrasives are added to the water, waterjet cutting can also be successfully used to cut harder materials.

Advantages of waterjet cutting

One of the main advantages of water jet cutting is that it can cut any material normally used for general processing and manufacturing. This means that it has potential applications in almost every industry.

water jet cutting

water jet cutting

The reason for choosing water jet cutting instead of traditional cutting methods is that it minimizes the damaging effects of heat. Any residual heat generated by abrasive erosion will cool down quickly in the water. Cold cutting allows the water jet to cut the material without changing its properties, eliminating distortion, warping, and cracking. Waterjet cutting can also save costs by reducing the need for secondary processing.

Combine water jet cutting and CNC machining

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC machine tools are not manually operated by operators, but by computer software. CNC machining can be combined with water jet cutting to realize the advantages of these two methods. The flexibility of water jet cutting and the precision of CNC machining are combined to provide complex and intricate cutting without mechanical stress on the material, simplifying production and reducing waste.

Water jet cutting as a supplement to traditional processing

Water jet cutting technology is constantly improving and becoming more exacting. However, sometimes traditional machining may be required to create a completely sharp inner corner or the cutting line without taper.

The water jet cutting is not ideal for producing a complete final part, but it can be a wonderful complement to other general processing techniques. First of all, a waterjet cutting machine can be used to produce a nearly finished part, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits of cool cutting up to that point. Then, the part can be completed using conventional secondary machining.

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