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Waterjet And Abrasivejet Nozzles

May. 31, 2021

Waterjet And Abrasivejet Nozzles

If you always cut the same type of material, you can choose the nozzle that best suits this material. However, in most cases, you will cut a variety of different materials (this is one of the advantages of water jets), and you may want to change the nozzle as needed.

Many machines allow you to change nozzles in a matter of minutes. Or, you can simply turn off the abrasive and get an inefficient water jet from your abrasive nozzle. You can improve performance by plugging the abrasive holes.

Limitations of pure waterjet nozzles

Generally speaking, the only problem with pure waterjet nozzles will be with the jewel (orifices with small holes through which water can pass).

Jewelry can crack, clog or form deposits on it. Cracks and blockages occur as a result of dirty water ingress and are usually avoided by proper filtration. Due to the minerals in the water, sediments gradually accumulate. Depending on your water supply, more advanced filtration may be required. It only takes 2 to 10 minutes to change the jewelry, and the price is usually very cheap.

Limitations of abrasive nozzles

Despite the simple design, abrasive jet nozzles can sometimes be troublesome. There are many designs, but they all have the same problems:

A short life of mixing tube

This abrasive jet can cut almost anything, including itself. This type of mixing tube is expensive and wears out in only a few hundred hours. Replacing the mixing tube will be a large part of your operating costs.

Occasionally blocked mixing tube

Clogging is usually caused by dirt or large particles in the abrasive. This used to be a big problem with abrasive jet nozzles, but as manufacturers fine-tuned the design of the mixing tube, this problem has been improved.

Wear, misplacement, and damage of the jewelry

The jewel needs to be accurately positioned in the nozzle when water and thousands of pounds of pressure impact it.

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