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What are the Precautions When Waterjet Cutting?

Feb. 26, 2021

As a Waterjet Parts Suppliers, share with you.

Compared with other cutting methods, the high-pressure waterjet has many advantages. The more significant ones are high cutting accuracy, simple operation, low cutting cost, and wide cutting range. It has so many advantages because of the use of various high-pressure waterjet accessories. The effect produced.

Watertech Waterjet Machine

Watertech Waterjet Machine

In the process of high-pressure waterjet cutting, if there is a gap between the material and the material, the rapid water jet sprayed from the waterjet nozzle will diverge between the air gaps, causing the surface of the cut material to be rough, thereby affecting the cutting effect. Therefore, when cutting, keep the materials flat and stacked together.

When the high-pressure water jet is cutting some special materials, you can choose the underwater cutting operation, which can reduce the atomization of the material surface during the water jet cutting process. Due to the reduced visibility during underwater cutting, it can be used in conjunction with the electronic monitor of the high-pressure waterjet accessories, which can improve the cutting accuracy.

If the cutting material is a composite material such as glass, stone, etc., it is necessary to control the increase or decrease of water pressure to change the cutting rate, otherwise, greater pressure may cause more damage to the material. In addition, it should be noted that when conditions permit, the water used by the high-pressure water jet needs to be filtered first to filter out the impurities in the water to prevent the impurities from wearing the nozzle, affecting the cutting effect and reducing the service life. Normal tap water generally has no impurities. Our company also has Watertech Waterjet Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.

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