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waterjet nozzles

Water cutting technology has been widely used in all walks of life. Waterjet uses this technology to make the water as sharp as a knife. How to control the water jet within the cutting range to perform perfect cutting? At this time, the Water Jet nozzle plays a decisive role. The high-pressure water jet device is centered on the Water Jet nozzle, because the nozzle is a direct device that forms the water jet, and the effect it can achieve directly affects other parts of the system. Don't ignore the Water Jet Spare Parts just because you focus on the main equipment. Often Water Jet Spare Parts can play a vital role. The Water Jet nozzle is an important element of the water jet device, which not only controls the cutting speed of the water jet, but also restricts the other parts of the system.

According to the shape, the waterjet nozzles have fan-shaped waterjet nozzles, cylindrical waterjet nozzles, special-shaped waterjet nozzles, etc. According to the number of holes, there are single hole waterjet nozzles and porous waterjet nozzles. According to the pressure, there are low pressure waterjet nozzles, high pressure waterjet nozzles, super high pressure waterjet nozzles, etc. But the main reason to express the system and integrity is to classify according to the pressure, while the waterjet nozzles used in water cutting are generally high pressure and ultra high pressure waterjet nozzles. With the improvement of equipment reliability, the working efficiency and function are greatly improved by increasing pressure and power. The strike force of jet from solid flow waterjet nozzles is the most centralized and stable target distance. Most of the high pressure and ultra-high pressure waterjet nozzles are characterized by this, namely, gathering energy and collecting jet to obt ain the maximum jet strike force. In this way, the shape of the jet hole of the high pressure waterjet nozzles are simplified, which is basically cylindrical and fan-shaped. In order to collect the jet, the shape design of the jet hole is regular; when it comes to the super high pressure waterjet nozzles, only the cylindrical jet hole is used.

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