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WT006146-1 Low Mass Nozzle Nut
  • WT006146-1 Low Mass Nozzle Nut
  • WT006146-1 Low Mass Nozzle Nut

WT006146-1 Low Mass Nozzle Nut

Product Parameters

Part Number: WT006146-1

Description: waterjet cutting head parts nozzle nut

WT006146-1 Low Mass Nozzle Nut

How to get our excellent waterjet parts ?

Accurate waterjet parts drawings and the same material as the original factory  →Precision equipment processing→ intelligent Machine inspection → manual spot-check → Pack waterjet parts using machine→Label and put the parts into warehouse → Order preparation →order products inspection and verification →Choose the right transport package ( carton box or wooden box ) →Choose the best express ( TNT , FedEx ,DHL , UPS , SF ect ) → Received the excellent waterjet parts



What we can offer : 

1. Waterjet Cutting Machine ( Support customized )

2. 40000psi , 60000psi and 94000psi Waterjet Pump ( single intensifier Pump , Redundant intensifier pump , double intensifier pump , four Intensifier pump, direct drive intensifier pump)

3. Waterjet Parts

1) Waterjet Cutting Head Parts ( 60000psi and 94000psi )

2) Nozzle and Orifice

3) Waterjet Intensifier Pump Parts ( 40000psi , 60000psi and 94000psi )

4) Waterjet Direct Drive Pump Parts

5) Waterjet Fitting and Swivel

6) Waterjet Cleaning Parts 

Waterjet Machine
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