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Pure Water Jet Cutting Machine
  • Pure Water Jet Cutting Machine

Pure Water Jet Cutting Machine

Product Parameters

1. Work envelope  ( Support Customized )


Machine Size


X axis cutting area 


Y axis cutting area


Z AXIS Cutting area


1.2 Machine positional specifications (per linear axis) 

XY system 

X and Y axis Positioning accuracy : 0.127 mm

X and Y axis repeatability: 0.076 mm

X and Y move speed:the highest 7.6MPM


Due to X-Y and the precise pneumatic valve assembly of cutting head control device, the customer is responsible for providing clean and dry air to maintain good operation.

1.3.Drive system 

1.The drive system ensures maximum speed and power efficiency under normal loads and maintains constant backlash control. The linear axis assembly is driven by digital AC servo motors, which drive the axis via pre-loaded a ball screw assembly. The system includes

2.X axis utilization of recirculating ball, linear bearings and hardened precision-ground ways.

3.The X  Yaxis base utilizes bellow protection and double shielding.

Digital drive technology provides an unmatched dynamic speed range.

2.The intelligent water cutting control system

Watertech waterjet uses the control system developed by Shanghai Weihong, which is the digital motion control system of the first-class sandjet waterjet machine with the widest application and the simplest operation in the industry. It combines the operation of an ultra-high pressure pump, an abrasive waterjet cutting head , and an X-Y cutting table. At the same time, YH also supports additional operating systems . for example , ECS , ESA ect . Weihong Software feature as follow : 

1.Supports auto machining. Completely supports G code of ISO standard, HP PLT format, JDPaint ENG format and DXF format.

2.Supports manual machining. You are allowed to control the machine tool not only by handheld device but also by input with computer devices, such as keyboard and mouse.

3.Supports incremental feeding for your convenience to set accurate feed amount, and step-size can be adjusted

4.Supports MDI (manual data input) function. You can directly input G code online and immediately execute it

5.Supports single block mode. You can set the program to be executed as [Single Block] (also available in the menu), which is helpful for diagnosis and failure recovery.

6.Supports advanced auto function of breakpoint memory and program block skip execution.

3,Tank ,Material Support System

Designed specifically for use with waterjet and abrasive waterjet, WT's cutting tables offer our customers ease of use along with functionality and heavy-duty construction. Standard features include:

1.Heavy-duty steel construction

2.35.5" (0.92 m) worktable height

3.Material support

4.Replaceable slats.

5.Installed in a bowed configuration to increase load bearing capability and reduce splash back when cutting square parts.

6.Can be leveled to precision.

7.Slats can be easily customized to match specific applications (i.e., increased slat depth for thick cutting or decreased gauge for delicate applications).

8. Water level adjustment.

4. 60,000 psi Ultra High Pressure Technology System (94,000psi as an option)

Different pumps can be selected from watech , for example 420mpa single intensifier pump , 420mpa double intensifier pump , 420mpa direct drive pump , 600mpa single intensifier pump , 600mpa double intensifier pump .

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