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What is the Cause of the Failure of Watertech Waterjet Machine?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Waterjet Parts Suppliers, share with you.

Watertech Waterjet Machine

Watertech Waterjet Machine

1. There is no high pressure and low pressure, but the commutation is normal.

(1) Check whether the tap water supply is cut off or the water pressure is too low;

(2) Check whether the water pump is normal;

(3) Check whether the jewel nozzle is normal (the water jet diverges obviously);

(4) Check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage in the peephole after the baffle plate (water leakage indicates that the dynamic seal of the high pressure chamber is damaged; oil leakage indicates that the dynamic seal of the cylinder baffle plate is damaged.);

(5) Check whether the water inlet check valve is invalid (the backwater of the inlet pipe is obvious);

(6) Check whether the water outlet check valve is invalid (the check valve feels obviously hot);

(7) Check whether the high-pressure plunger rod is broken (remove the inlet and outlet pipes and the water outlet check valve, insert a thin steel wire into the high-pressure cylinder, probe the plunger rod, turn on the motor oil pump, and observe whether the steel wire is ejected. If the moving distance is small, it indicates that the plunger rod has broken).

1. There is no high pressure or low pressure, and the commutation time is too long or no commutation:

(1) If the direction is not changed and the oil pressure is high, push the solenoid valve stem at either end of the direction valve by hand;

(2) Adjust the position of the Hall switch (slightly move the Hall switch toward the cylinder);

(3) Check whether the reversing Hall switch is normal;

(4) Check whether the electrical part of the reversing valve is normal, and confirm whether the oil pump flow has been adjusted (too small);

(5) Confirm whether the flow rate of the overflow valve has been adjusted (too large);

(6) Check whether the spool of the reversing valve is blocked or worn;

(7) Check whether the piston seal in the oil cylinder is damaged.

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