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What Should you Know About Watertech Waterjet?

Jan. 18, 2021

Watertech Waterjet Parts is a unit that constitutes the whole water cutting machine and a product serving the water cutting machine. The term waterjet accessories first appeared in the Speyer Waterjet Mall, and was later cited by middlemen selling such products as a popular industry term. Since the water cutting machine uses a high-pressure water jet to impact the object to be cut to achieve the cutting effect, it is functionally similar to a traditional knife, so it is commonly called a waterjet. The accessories that make up the waterjet are naturally called waterjet accessories.

Speedwaterjet can be divided into high pressure fittings and low pressure fittings according to the pressure. It can also be divided into pressurizing fittings, cutting fittings, connecting fittings and so on according to function. Since the waterjet uses high-pressure water jet technology to achieve cutting, a large part of the waterjet accessories must be for continuous high-pressure water generation and transmission services. This part of the waterjet accessories directly or indirectly bears high pressure and is even worn by the water flow, so these waterjet accessories have special functions and require more stringent materials. In order to achieve the overall better function and longer life of the waterjet, most of the high-quality waterjet accessories currently rely on imports, especially the high-pressure waterjet accessories, such as waterjet sand pipes, high-pressure cylinders, high-pressure pipes, and so on.

Watertech Waterjet Machine

Watertech Waterjet Machine

The waterjet cutting machine is a cutting equipment that uses ultra-high pressure water jets for cold cutting. It is mainly composed of a high-pressure pump, a CNC machining platform, a jet cutting head, a sand supply system and a cooling system.

Cutting advantage

1. Strong versatility, almost all materials can be cut;

2. The water jet is cold cutting, no thermal effect, no deformation, no slagging, no ablation during cutting, and will not change the physical and chemical properties of the material;

3. Small kerf, coupled with the characteristics of cooling and cutting, can improve material utilization;

4. The cutting medium is only water and natural abrasives, and no other substances are produced during the cutting process. It is a clean and environmentally friendly cutting process;

5. After cutting, the cutting surface is neat and smooth, without any damage to the object being cut during the cutting process, and can perform many cutting operations that cannot be achieved by cutting tools.

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